Plans for the future and scaling πŸ“ˆ

What are we changing?Β 

  • As you may have noticed we have been pushing out some major changes to our website such as changing the visualization and cleaning up some of the descriptions for our products.
  • We have changed some of our manufacturing process which is aimed to ensure a higher quality print.
  • We have added free shipping which will be the future of our brand. Being 2021 and the online shopping basically expecting free shipping we have come to a conclusion as a team to offer free shipping heading forward.Β 
  • ⏭ Speeding up fulfillment timings (for product which is already been produced).Β 
  • πŸ“ Reviews.
  • πŸ“Ί Advertisements.

So why are we doing this?Β 

We have been noticing increasing demand and even included a new review portion to our site to gauge our customer feedback. Over the last few days we have been pushing out emails to most of our customers in order to get some important information and help out some of our future customers. We will NOTΒ stop optimizing our site and explaining what we offer as the best products for each of the new drops which we add.Β 

We would appreciate if you have ordered or surfed the site, if you can write and review that would be great. πŸ“

In edition, we have also decided to move forward with more advertisement and exposure for our business and also increase our exposure.Β 

As we evolve as a small business we are trying to keep to our virtue of simple, easy, and sustainable products which just make sense. Things don't always have to be complex and all of these are apart of the growing ecosystem of products of what we are trying to create.

In order to speed up our fulfillment times, we will have do some major upgrades to our printers along with heavy investment with other printer which can easily double our output.Β 

Our new product(s):Β 

We have added a new product which is the Cable Reel. Over the last few weeks we have been designing and testing all o these different designs and making sure what we are designing makes it to our criteria for a high quality product which is just simple.Β 


In conclusion, this is our latest update for MBD3d and on behalf of our team we are really excited to implement these changes and allow for our further expansion. We will be updating our customers for often and making sure we are all on board with the future. Please allow for a few extra days to achieve quicker delivery times, but other than that,Β 

Thank you!