How integrated nTag technology is essential to 21 century efficiency.

How our integrations will help

During the new times of Covid-19 many restaurants are heading too the new version of electric menus. QR codes are okay, but not the solution. For a QR code, you need to either open your camera or even worse have to download a 3rd party app which takes time. Many of our phone which we buy today have a passive near-field communication which allows for us to be able to interact with nTags can be mapped to online menus which has been proven to increase ordering speed, some of the reason for this is due to the large text on the phone. Along with increases speed, it is much more hygienic and does not have to be cleaned which will ultimate reduce the cost of re-prints when damaged and cleaning solution. Many customer also love love how simple it is to open their menu with their phone, just with a tap.

So doΒ the costΒ a lot?Β 

No, with a bulk order than many restaurants choose to do, this is not expensive at all. In fact in many cases, this both reduces server stress, decreases cleaning, and increases efficiency as many customer have their menu already pre-laded onto their phone.Β 

How long do they last?Β 

Theoretical they will last a lifetime, but these are very special materials, as if they are placed in the ground, the plastics will bio-degrade which is unlike any other material which is currently mass produced on the market. These tags are around 3cm x 3cm and can be placed on any table and don't worry about spills etc as it is water resistant.Β